H.Upmann Cigars was founded in 1844 by German banker Herman Upmann and his brother. The pair imagined how wonderful Cuban cigars produced could be if the excellent skills and degree of specialisation that Cuban torcedores had were put to good use.

After the death of Herman Upmann, the H. Upmann brand continued to thrive with his brother at the helm and then later with the same owners of the famous Montecristo Cigars brand. Finally owned under the edict of Habanos – the monopoly of Cuban cigars.

Just as the brand Romeo y Julieta Cigars tied a double thread to Winston Churchill’s image – the H. Upmann brand is linked to another major politician – president John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It is said that before signing the embargo against Cuba, the American president sent out trusted friend Pierre Salinger to purchase and dispatch a considerable amount of Petit H. Upmann, his favourite cigar at the time.

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