Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made


Medium to Full
Length: 184mm
Vitola de galera: 109
Ring: 50
Presentation: Cabinet of 50 Cigars



When it comes to Cuban Regional Edition Cigars, the Sancho Panza Eslavo is definitely up there with the most iconic and memorable ones.

Be it for its imposing size (the majestic 109 vitola) or its packaging (it comes in a massive cabinet of 50 cigars) the Sancho Panza Eslavo has created quite a stir in the world of Cuban Cigars collectors. The famous 109 vitola, measuring a hefty 184mm in length by 50 ring gauge, is a very special format and its production is entrusted to the most experienced torcedores. It is not a format which is used by Habanos, at the moment, as a regular production cigar. It features a wonderful detail with the way in which the head of the cigar (cabeza) is finished. This is called, in Spanish, cabeza tumbada or “dropped head”. It is very distinguishable as the cigar tapers, rather dramatically, towards the top in a very similar way to that of a Piramides. Instead of the pointy tip, however, the 109 has a flattened one… almost as if the cigar had been dropped on its head.

Given its rarity, since only 1,000 boxes of these beautiful cigars were ever made, the quotations for this cigar have been rising steadily ever since its release and – in our opinion – will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We find this Sancho Panza cigar to be an excellent investment as a store of value or simply as something extremely special to be enjoyed.

These cigars have now been maturing for over 5 years and are entering their ‘sweet spot’ in terms of flavour and enjoyment.


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